Is scented candle beneficial?

  • October 28, 2022

Like flowers, aromatherapy isn't really a necessity of life, but rather a way to "cheer up" among the petty bourgeoisie. For a long time, due to the whimsical recommendations of Internet bloggers, aromatherapy has become the standard of sophisticated living.

In the process of using it, I have generally gained the following three experiences:

Experience gained with aromatherapy

1. Reduce or eliminate odor

Smoke, toilets, food... these objects, closely related to life, exude their own smells all the time in the residence. A single, mixed smell that fills a large and small space will inevitably be annoying. At this time, selective fragrance can displace this annoying smell, and the meaning of aromatherapy is reflected.

2, sleeping pills

Good smells make you feel better, relax and help you fall asleep faster. Like lavender, jasmine, etc., it has a calming effect on the nerves. The existence of aromatherapy also provides another opportunity to improve the quality of people's sleep.

3. Improve home taste

Pleasant mood, pleasant smell and exquisite form - aromatherapy has naturally become a one-stop product for improving the taste of the home. A bedside table, a sink, or even a table corner in a living room seem to show a love of life.

Aromatherapy plays a role in family life, we may want to take a deeper look at it and see how to choose.

Is scented candle beneficial?Classification of aromatherapy

First of all, we must first understand the general classification of aromatherapy and see if the room where we live is equipped with aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy can be divided into several categories depending on aroma, volatile medium, use of fire, etc. Today, we only briefly understand that there is aromatherapy with fire and aromatherapy without fire, which are relatively easy to distinguish and which are common in the market.

There is a fiery aromatherapy, as the name suggests, that requires the use of fire, an ordinary scented candle.

In the case of scented candles alone, their volatilization is relatively sufficient and stable, that is, the aroma is distributed sufficiently, and the effect is more obvious. There is a more important point, candles are just "artifacts" to create an atmosphere, no matter what room, as long as a little, it is really a beautiful candle and a beautiful scenery.

You can see it at a glance if it looks good, but it needs attention when it's easy to use.

Scented candles can be seen as an open flame and there is little safety factor, especially in older communities, their use must be handled with care. In addition, the aromatherapy ignition is not an ordinary lighter. When the candle burns down to a certain limit, a groove forms near the wick, and a match is a more suitable lighting tool. Thirdly, direct blowing of flower seedlings will produce smoke, and you also need to pick up a decent fire extinguisher. The advantages and disadvantages of scented candles are obvious at a glance.

Is scented candle beneficial?

Roughly to make up for the shortcomings of scented candles, flameless scents seem to be more popular. For example, rattan aromatherapy, incense aromatherapy.

Besides avoiding the use of open flames, fire-free aromatherapy completely relies on the relationship between essential oils and media to achieve scent release, which greatly improves the safety of home use, and fails to achieve the goal by reducing Appearance Even the aromatherapy family has more options. Thus, fireless aromatherapy works in almost any room.

Is scented candle beneficial?

By the way, rattan aromatherapy offers a range of rattan sticks, not just putting them all in a bottle to achieve a long-lasting fragrance distribution, but depending on the size of the room, generally three are suitable for small rooms, large ones can add one or two. Suggested use: insert one end of the rattan first, then insert it upside down after absorbing enough water, and then replace the other rattan when the fragrance decreases.

In fact, in addition to the two mentioned above, aroma machines and aroma lamps are very popular lately, which also have a very high appearance and create a sense of atmosphere.

Having familiarized ourselves with the general classification of aromatherapy, we can try to choose a scent.

Aromatherapy is too much like perfume, and the notes of fragrances are also varied. If you have no special preferences, you can try this option:

How to choose fragrance notes

1.Kitchen - citrus tones. Citrus fruits are used in areas of smoke with heavy oils, which can significantly eliminate odors. In layman's terms, most detergents taste like lemon and grapefruit.

2, toilet - white floral tone (similar to the taste of a lily or tuberose). This is also the area most prone to odors, and a relatively strong odor can better achieve our goal of using aromatherapy.

3. Living room - tea room. As soon as the aroma of tea is heard, delicious desserts and gourmet dishes seem to appear before you, and the taste and mood of life immediately stand out.

4.Bedroom - tones of lavender, jasmine or rose. The first two fragrances we mentioned earlier are for those who want to try aromatherapy to improve their sleep. And the smell of a rose is another weapon for setting the mood.

Don't rush to buy aromatherapy after seeing this, you should also check if your family has children, pregnant women, or members with breathing problems; in addition, whether the room is not too tightly closed and how well ventilated is also very important. In the presence of these two situations, I ask you to immediately dispel the idea of ​​using aromatherapy, because there is more than one way to improve the taste of the house.

Don't buy substandard products to blindly enhance the sense of ritual and delicacy of life. Life is about self-improvement, and you will first understand whether this is good or bad..