Precautions when using scented candles

  • October 28, 2022

For those who lead a refined life, it is necessary to know scented candles, which not only have a very high decorative effect, but also purify the air, calm the nerves, promote sleep, exuding a fresh fragrant effect. Many people who pay attention to quality of life like to put several bottles of scented candles in the bedroom, living room or bathroom. However, are there any precautions when using scented candles to make scented candles more enjoyable? Then let Haomeijia Home Accessories share them with you.

Precautions when using scented candles

Choice of scented candles

If you want to make a good impression, you should first choose high quality scented candles. Whether used to calm the nerves, improve sleep, soothe the nerves, or freshen the air, the quality of scented candles defines the experience. use.Good and bad. Therefore, be sure to choose scented candles containing essential oils extracted from pure plants, which are not only tastier and more natural, but also do not harm the body, and are safe to use.

Precautions when using scented candles

Lighting scented candles

If you want a good user experience, you need to cut the candle wick every time before lighting the candle. It is best to cut the candle to a length of about 0.5-0.8 cm and you can tighten the candle wick. with your fingers so that the candle burns evenly, so that there are no problems with long wicks and black smoke from the slots. Secondly, after lighting the candle, you also need to pay attention to place the candle evenly. Uneven placement will lead to uneven burning of the wax, dripping of wax, and will affect the appearance of the scented candle; On the one hand, it can prevent the wind from blowing out the candle, on the other hand, it can prevent the candle from burning too fast and shorten the candle's use time. Do it well to ensure the effective use of scented candles.

Duration of use of scented candles

Because the price of good scented candles is relatively high, many people don't want to use them for too long. Candles are said to have "burning memory". If the surface is not evenly heated and melts completely when first lit, the candle will only burn around the wick and affect the use of the candle. Therefore, under normal circumstancesforests, the first burning should be within 3-4 hours, the subsequent use is about 2 hours each time to ensure the perfect scented candle experience.

Precautions when using scented candles

Extinguishing scented candles

Extinguishing scented candles is different from extinguishing ordinary candles, they must not be blown out directly with the mouth, otherwise black smoke and an unpleasant odor will form. The correct way to extinguish a candle is to use a professional tool such as a candlestick to extinguish the candle.

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