What is a magic candle? Does it really work?

  • November 24, 2022

Before introducing magic candles, let's talk briefly about what magic is.

From the time of primitive people, traces of magic have long existed, no matter what continent it is on. People sit around the fire, wear their national/tribal costumes, sing and dance, celebrate the harvest, worship their ancestors and ask them to bless future generations with prosperity. As people seek help, whether it comes from other people or some unknown force, so in everyday life, people will pray and then force themselves to believe that there are many people or things that help them so that they can get help. greater confidence in achieving your goals. It is a simple idea or primal instinct that we want to succeed and reach our goals through various forms.

What is a magic candle? Does it really work?

Actually, magic is a simple concept. We can understand that magic can help you and release your energy as a stimulant, but magic is a stimulant on a spiritual level. Eastern magic, including feng shui, witchcraft, divination, Buddha worship, etc. Western magic also includes several systems, each of which has a thousand-year history. It can be said that magic is a discipline, and many world-famous colleges have departments of magic / occultism that study in detail the origin of the magical system, spells, rituals, tools, etc. Magic is not something groundless and accidental, but on the contrary, it is a mature and optimized sociological product.

What is a magic candle? Does it really work?

You can understand the magic candle as a tool in magic, and it's a very simple and effective tool.

For example, in the East, people like to offer lamps and light candles in front of the Buddha and exchange their thoughts and desires with the Buddha. Typical candle-related ceremonies include the installation of Kongming lanterns and flower lanterns.

What is a magic candle? Does it really work? What is a magic candle? Does it really work?

In the west, people sit by a warm fireplace, eat, drink tea and chat together. They believe that the ancestors and gods love to stay by the fireplace to bless the family with happiness and prosperity. Housewives light candles to illuminate the fireplace. house, direct the gods to come to your house and stay there forever. And regardless of East or West, people love to blow out candles and make wishes on their birthdays. This is one of the first forms of magic candles, which became the prototype of magic candles.

What is a magic candle? Does it really work?

The origin of anything is not easy to say in a few words. The development of Eastern and Western magic and magic candles has gone through a long period of time, and has also experienced ups and downs. Today magic candles and magic candles we see magic candles. There was a big difference in the past, and modern magic has also been improved, which is more suitable for the rhythm and atmosphere of modern society.

So, it can be understood that when you have a desire or a goal, you need to constantly strengthen this desire in order to give you the motivation to work hard and achieve your desire faster. This role can be played by a magic candle, which can constantly remind you that you need to work hard for your desires, and as a support for your soul so that you are no longer alone, no longer feel that you are just one person, but there are many people help you.

What is a magic candle? Does it really work?

At the same time, as the most intelligent beings on earth, we have learned to use the elements of earth and the power of beings for our own use to help realize our desires. For example, we use deep sea pearls to powder them to enhance beauty and charm, we use the fragrance of rosemary and sage to focus and improve our work efficiency... Everything in nature can help us. Magical oils, herbs, ores, and other magical items are also added to candles made by wizards to grant certain wishes.

There are many types of magic candles that can be classified from different points of view, such as the type desired, material, color, and additives. You can come across the names of various magical candles, such as seven day magic candles, archangel magic candles, daily wish candles, crystal candles, ice flower candles, rune candles, astral candles... If you hear this for the first time, you will definitely feel confused. . Let's briefly talk about their meanings.

The 7 Day Magic Candle is named after the candle burns for about 7 days. Typically, the outer layer is a glass cup. Once the candle is lit, there is no need to worry about the wax oil spreading all over the place. The materials are paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax, ice wax and so on. According to different wishes, magicians will make different seven-day magic candles using different methods.

Archangel Magic Candle can help summon a specific angel and use it for yourself with the power of an angel.

Rune magic candle, certain rune runes are written on the candle, which is equivalent to the function of a spell, and the spell appears when the candle is lit.

There are many other types of wishing candles, which are crafted by wizards using different techniques and have different effects. Before making a choice, you may wish to consult the wizards who made them. For example, indio astral candles: American brand magic candles, the effect varies from person to person; Lucky Mojo Magic Candles: Magic candles are sold on the American Lucky Mojo website...

Crystal candles, jelly candles, ice flower wax, paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax, etc. are all names for candle materials that indicate different sources of ingredients, so I won't go into details.

Magic candles can be used as daily blessings and wishes. As a modern and improved magical tool, it no longer has so many cumbersome operations, doesn't require you to make long and jerky incantations, and has almost no taboos. You only need to light a magic candle with a good meaning for yourself on the day when you feel good and firmly believe that your wish will come true, then this magic candle will help you and fulfill its mission.

I believe you now have a basic understanding of magic candles, and we will continue to explain in the future: how to use magic candles, interpret candle burning, how to choose different magic candles, etc. If you are interested, you can click Like and bookmark, thanks!

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