What is special about a soy candle?

  • October 28, 2022

When night falls, light a scented candle to create a wonderful evening. There is nothing more captivating than the light scent and romantic atmosphere of scented candles. The variety of scented candles in the world is dazzling, so how do you choose your favorite candle?

What is special about a soy candle?

Scented candles are a kind of craft candles that emit a pleasant aroma when burned and perform the functions of beauty and health, soothe the nerves, purify the air and eliminate odors. Scented candles can not only add fragrance, but also create a romantic atmosphere. The wax oil from some brands of candles can also be used to massage and moisturize the skin.

What is special about a soy candle?

For first-time buyers of scented candles, I suggest starting with the three aspects of scented candles: material, wick and effectiveness, and teach you how to choose your favorite quality candles. sweet and happy married life!

1. What is scented candle wax?

A good scented candle is made from pure natural wax. Never use cheap paraffin at home or candles with too many chemical raw materials that are harmful to your body. Therefore, if you want to choose a good pure natural wax, you must first understand what pure natural materials are.


What is special about a soy candle?

Natural and pure beeswax is produced from Apis bee hives. It burns cleanly and brightly and can produce air-purifying negative ions. Negative ions combine with positively charged pollutants in the air and allergens, which are harmful to dust, pollen and mold in the room. Everything has a removal effect.


What is special about a soy candle?

Coconut wax is pure white and creamy in color, with a dense and soft texture, long burning time and low temperature, coconut wax candles can also be used as a balm or massage.


What is special about a soy candle?100% pure soy wax can burn impurities in the air to achieve the effect of air purification. Soy wax burns at a low temperature, which provides a good aroma and a longer burn time. Compared to traditional paraffin, soy wax does not contain harmful substances and allergens.

These three materials are all natural materials, and any of them can be chosen according to your preference. For babies and pets, you can choose soy wax, which is the most natural and pure material.

Secondly, which wax rod is comfortable to use?

The main structure of scented candles is a wax body and a wax core. The wax cores in the world mainly include cotton wax cores, wood wax cores and high quality carbon and lead free wicks. Different wax cores have different demand selection advantages.

What is special about a soy candle?

1. Cotton Wax Wooden Wax Core

Regular scented candles usually use cotton rope and wood materials, and these candles will be accompanied by smoke when they are extinguished. Because the wood core is uneven, most will make a little noise when burning. If the wood is not good, there will be a smell, and black pieces of wood will fall into the wax puddle after the candle burns for a long time. Therefore, compared to these two materials, cotton is safer.

2. Carbon and lead free wick

High-end aromatherapy brands generally use selected wicks without carbon and lead, so that no toxic gas is released when burning, and when the wick is extinguished, it does not generate much smoke, and the wick will burn longer. Can completely burn the surrounding wax liquid. However, the disadvantage of this kind of scented candles is that they are expensive and there are no other disadvantages.

When conditions permit, it is recommended to choose carbon and lead free wicks. There are no strict smoke-free requirements, and regular cotton wax cores can be selected.

Third, the most common fragrance on the market

Scented candles are similar to the base notes of perfume, only with different scents. Scented candles can diffuse a light scent into a room, and choosing different scents is up to personal preference.

1. Fruit

The most representative fruity aroma is citrus. Typical citrus fruits, lemon, grapefruit, red orange. Selection Tips: Fruity scents are best for fresh and cool summer days and they smell refreshing.

2. Floral

Typical representatives of the floral fragrance are jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, lily of the valley and so on. Lavender, rosemary, mint and other herbs are classified as herbal incense. Selection Tips: The only thing to pay attention to is to choose one that doesn't smell so sticky.

3. chypre

Chypre tonality is a typical European tonality. Bergamot, moss, leather, etc. are all chypre notes. Selection Tips: Its taste is relatively special, which is harder for Asians to accept. However, it is very suitable for use in decorating European-style rooms, and the style is maintained.

4.Oriental fragrance

An oriental fragrance is an exotic fragrance. Oriental fragrances include oriental spices such as musk, amber and patchouli. Selection Tips: This kind of flavor is relatively strong and relatively small, and it will give people a mysterious color in the room.

Methods for determining the quality of aroma:

Typically, good quality scented candles don't smell when you light them. If it is very fragrant, as soon as it is lit, it can contain N kinds of things. If you light a scented candle, it will slowly melt with the wax on the surface, forming a wax puddle and slowly spewing out fragrance, from light to strong, this is a normal situation.

4. What are the effects of scented candles?

When choosing scented candles, it is necessary to pay attention to the aromatic components of scented candles. Different aromatic ingredients have different effects. When choosing, you can also choose your favorite candle according to the effect you want.

Rose has antidepressant and sedative properties, calms emotions, relieves potential stress and releases a hormone that makes you happy. It suits women to put in the bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere, and hormones explode.

Lavender LAVENDER has a calming, calming and balancing effect that can bring tension back to a state of calm, help you fall asleep and relieve headaches. In addition, lavender is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antidote that can be used for colds and bronchitis, it is also quite effective in preventing mosquito bites in summer.

Caution: Patients with hypotension and pregnant women should avoid its use.

Peppermint has a cooling, refreshing and cleansing effect, especially for stomach and digestive discomfort. It is suitable for busy office workers who are in contemplation for a long time and have irregular meals at home, and can also prevent colds.

Crowd alert: It has a strong smell and should be avoided by pregnant women.

The refreshing aroma of LEMON LEMON will help restore mood and maintain clarity of mind. Restoring the activity of red blood cells, strengthening the immune system and helping to fight infectious diseases are the most characteristic healing properties of lemon. It can be placed in the home of the cooks to restore their training status.