Tutorial|3 Handmade Scented Candles

  • November 24, 2022

This time I made 3 models

Even though they're all the same

But they are all different

There are places that require special attention


Because I'm filming when I do it

I didn't do too many tricks

You can add dried flowers and hay yourself

Tie the ribbon on the outside when finished

Then get ready to get down to business~

When you see this name, you may feel very strange. Ice cubes and candles are two completely opposite things, right? Yes, so here I am just using ice cubes for shaping and I hope my post can inspire you.

Required consumables:

1. Container (preferably tearable, such as a milk carton)

2. Wax sheet or cut wax block

3. Candlewick

4. Prepare the wax in a small saucepan (discarded jars can be used)

5. Boiling water cauldron

6. Discarded chopsticks

7. Thermometer

8. Coloring

9. Essential oil for aromatherapy

10. Ice

Tutorial|3 Handmade Scented Candles container (tearable plastic)

The bottom of the plastic box that originally contained the stationery was sealed with tape

Tutorial|3 Handmade Scented Candles candle wick

When buying candle wicks, don't forget little Tito

Tutorial|3 Handmade Scented Candles Soy wax flakes

I only bought soy wax because the first time I bought it, I found it smelled really good, with a slight milky smell, and the color was also very good. After that, I buy soy wax again. It is said that it is still very environmentally friendly?

Tutorial|3 Handmade Scented Candles Soy wax flakes closeup

It is convenient to buy immediately in slices and melt. If you have ready-made candles at home, you can cut them with a knife

Tutorial|3 Handmade Scented Candles boiled wax Tutorial|3 Handmade Scented Candles The edge begins to melt, stir with chopsticks, start from the middle, melts

Don't burn too hard, control the temperature of the wax

measure the temperature

Preferably below 60 degrees, too high a temperature will cause surface cracks on final cooling

read dye data

The color of the dye at this time is very different from the color received, be careful not to apply too much at one time

Take a piece of yellow dye, put it in the melted wax and mix.

Stir gently to speed up the fusion of the dye and the wax

Aromatherapy essential oil

Just buy the fragrance you like

drop of essential oil

Drip into wax, then gently stir with chopsticks

Reserve ice cubes

Crush smaller ice cubes and try to use as many as you can. This time I used too little and the effect is not visible from the outside

Place candle wicks and ice cubes

Dip some of the melted wax on the iron stand at the bottom of the candle wick and then secure it in the middle of the bottom; pour a small amount of wax, check if there is a hole in the bottom, and add ice cubes if there are no problems

Pour the wax

After adding ice cubes, immediately pour wax into it

to harden 1

Once the wax is poured, it cools around the ice cube, looks amazing~ Looks like a mango halberd

solidified 2 solidified 3 solidified 4

After it has completely solidified, remove the candle, cut off the excess wick, and you're done:

Finished product Light the candle

It turns out there aren't really enough ice cubes to figure out why... I borrowed the picture of a lucky ice candle as an incentive. The red candle below is my favorite:

velvet feeling

Pay attention to a few points when making multilayer candles:

1. After the previous layer is completely dry, add the next layer

2. If the width of each layer must be the same, then the boiled wax must be quantitative (except for non-standard containers)

3. Color Control (Dye)

Required consumables:

1. Glass jars, tin cans, etc. 2. Wax flakes 3. Candle wicks 4. Small pots for boiling wax 5. Large pots for boiling water 6. Discarded chopsticks 7. Thermometers 8. Dyes 9. Essential oils for aromatherapy (optional)

Small glass jar, candle wick, fixed candle wick, iron bracket, fixed

Dip the iron stand in the melted wax, then take it out and place it on the bottom of the container, the wax will harden instantly

Attach the candle wick clip

This is a special little tool, you can use a hairpin instead

to fix the candle wick

Because the glass jar is very small, cut the slits on both ends of this gadget into thestanding time not used

Quantitative wax

The kitchen scale is empty, so find a few plastic saucers of the same size to measure the amount of wax for each layer

Ready to start Melting the first layer

Better than expected appearance after complete cooling

Second layer (not cooled) Third layer Third layer (not cooled) decoration

When I did each layer before, I also did a piece in a small saucer, but the original plan was white + mint green, but I didn’t know the difference, so I did it in one color, but I still insisted on cut small triangles out of it to decorate the neck of the candle...

Collect the rest of the wax

Don't throw away broken wax, next time it will melt and harden, it will still be a good guy

Done~~ The layers took the most time to create, but luckily the color is good and it feels like summer is coming

This is the most basic and simple, and I want to tell you only about it:

1. The consequences of too high a temperature and how to deal with it

2. How to deal with bubbles on the wax surface

Required consumables:

1. Glass jars, tin cans, etc. 2. Wax flakes 3. Wooden candle wicks 4. Small pots for boiling wax 5. Large pots for boiling water 6. Discarded chopsticks 7. Thermometers 8. Dyes 9. Aromatherapy essential oil (optional)

Dip the wax into the bottom of the wick of a wooden candle and secure the iron holder. Take the paint and melt it. After the paint has melted, pour the wax and wait for the crack to cool.

There are depressions and cracks here, the reason is that the temperature of the wax is too high;

a small amount of wax + paint a new layer to combat air bubbles

When just pouring, lightly pierce with an awl or the tip of a needle

The bubbles will disappear and cool completely

Control the temperature well and now the surface of the new layer is very smooth~

Finished product

Cut off the extra wick and you're done!

Light a candle

Candle making is a craft that can realize waste recycling

Almost all tools can be replaced with scrap

You can also use your own crafts

Place some of the bottles and cans you are about to throw away in the trash

Become a beautiful and practical candle

When there is a power outage in the future, you won't have to worry about the traditional candles that decorate the countertop

I hope this guide helps you

Looking forward to everyone who makes beautiful handmade candles to share with me