There are so many scented candles to choose from!

  • November 25, 2022

Today I want to talk to you about scented candles

There are so many scented candles to choose from!

Candles are very common. Usually, when I light my daily candles, there is no smell or there is a slight smell of candle oil.

Some natural plant essential oils are added to aromatherapy candles because the candles are burned and heated to accelerate the evaporation of the essential oils, thus providing fresh air and improving the quality of the environment.

Perfume, essential oils and scented candles are essentially similar, but in Europe and in our country there has long been a tradition of using incense. Our country, such as agarwood, sandalwood and so on.

Because I was afraid that there would be more content, I, as before, chose a few key points for discussion.

There are so many scented candles to choose from!

▼Is it harmful to burn scented candles?

In itself, aromatherapy does not cause any particular problems. The main danger lies in the ingredients of the candle. Generally, there are two types of paraffin and vegetable wax. The danger of vegetable wax is much less. You can check the ingredients when purchasing.

Provided that scented candles produced by the usual big brands on the market are used in the usual way (the method of use will be described later), there is little harm, unless you are allergic and sensitive to smell.

There are so many scented candles to choose from!

▼There are so many types of scented candles, how to choose a gift?

The type of fragrance is the same as choosing a personal perfume. Just find what you like and suits your temperament.

However, it can be divided into several categories: fruity, floral, herbaceous, chypre, oriental

The meaning of a fruity-floral fragrance can be taken literally. The most representative representative of the fruity fragrance is citrus, and the typical representatives of the floral fragrance are jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, lily of the valley, and so on. If you want to give it away, just don't choose a flavor that's too sticky when you take it.

Representatives of herbs and trees are lavender, rosemary, mint and so on. The problem is not that big, if you can't handle it, lavender scent will be the safest.

Chypre is a transliterated name (Chypre), which is a typical European tone, bergamot, moss, leather, etc. are all chypre. If you want to give someone as a gift, don't lightly choose chypre incense, because it has a very special taste and is not high-end obscene, but it's not a lot of money to give.

An oriental scent is actually easy to understand, like musk and patchouli. It is also not often used as a gift.

There are so many scented candles to choose from!

▼The right way to use scented candles

It is not recommended to use for a long time. It is necessary to air out every 2-3 hours (depending on the size of the room). For safety reasons, it must be turned off when leaving. So don't let aromatherapy burn all night while you sleep. The reason is actually very simple to understand, that is, it is necessary to control the concentration of essential oil components in sealed air without affecting the normal breathing of the human body. So you can't burn all the time.

One more point - try to prevent the formation of black smoke during combustion. The reason is also very easy to understand. Black smoke indicates that combustion is incomplete, with particles flying away. The particles themselves are harmful to the human body (such as PM2.5), and black smoke will make the ceiling and walls white. The easiest way to avoid black smoke is to cut the wick 6-8mm each time before lighting the candle, don't ask me why 6-8mm.