After buying so many scented candles, do you really know how to light them?

  • November 24, 2022

Staying at home while relaxing, choosing the scented candle you like, letting the light of the fire and the delicate fragrance linger, is very convenient and comfortable.

After buying so many scented candles, do you really know how to light them?

Scented candles can make people feel good, but many people only focus on "buying" scented candles, but ignoring "how to use"!

Today Sister Yan will tell you about using scented candles


Before lighting the candles

Each time before lighting a candle, trim the wick of the candle. The most suitable length is about 0.5-0.8 cm. Twist the candle wick tightly with your fingers. This is to ensure that the candle burns evenly and that the wick and slots are not too long Black smoke problems.

After buying so many scented candles, do you really know how to light them?After buying so many scented candles, do you really know how to light them?


Lighted candles

When lighting a scented candle for the first time, it is very important to control the time, and the burning time should not be too short. It is said that candles have a “burning memory”: if the surface warms up unevenly and completely melts during the first ignition, then the candle will burn only around the wick.

After buying so many scented candles, do you really know how to light them?

Depending on the size of the candle, leave enough burn time to form a full wax puddle so it won't be easily burned to the brim after use.

After buying so many scented candles, do you really know how to light them?


Extinguish the candles

Extinguish the candle, do not accidentally blow it out, it is easy to get black smoke and a specific smell. You can choose professional candle extinguishing tools or candle caps. If the candle wick is warped, it can be straightened in time.

And if the candle wick has been burning for too long, it is not recommended to trim it immediately after it goes out, because the ashes of the candle wick will easily fall into the wax puddle, and this will create problems for yourself to clean up.


Peripheral tools for candles

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. It is necessary to prepare a candle peripheral tool.

Candle Extinguishing Cap: Use the candle extinguishing cap to directly cover the burning candle wick to isolate oxygen, extinguish the candle and reduce smoke.

Candle Extinguishing Hook: Insert the candle wick into the melted candle, then quickly lift the candle wick to extinguish the candle and reduce the amount of black smoke.

Candle Wick Scissors: The shape of the candle scissors is convenient to reach inside the candle container and can accept the cut wick without falling into the candle.

Lids/lampshades for candles. Some candles come with their own candle lids, and there are also special lids/shades for scented candles.


Treatment of incomplete combustion

If the candle still burns incompletely and unevenly, there are a few more ways to fix it.

1. Before lighting the candle, wrap foil around the outer edge of the candle so the heat can be concentrated and help melt the wax on the edge.

2. After extinguishing the candle, scrape the remaining wax from the edge into the melted wax in the center.


Wax melting lamp

The latest wax melting lamp actually melts the surface of the candle due to the high temperature of the bulb and releases fragrance without lighting the wick. Without an open flame, it is relatively safer, and there will be no problems with uneven burning and black smoke, and the use time is longer than with lit candles.

And it is worth noting that the shape of melting wax lamps is very beautiful, and in combination with aromatic candles, the meaning of the ceremony is very mesmerizing.


Candle storage

Candles should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place away from electrical appliances, stoves, heat sources and other flammable objects. Excessive heat or sunlight can melt the surface of the candle.

When not in use, aromatherapy candles should be capped to prevent evaporation of essential oils and dust. Generally speaking, it is recommended to burn scented candles for six months to one year to avoid essential oils evaporating for a long period of time and affect the effect of the fragrance.


Candles are safe to use

● To avoidaccidents, do not leave lit candles unattended.

● Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets;

● The container will become hot after the candle burns out, so do not place it directly on furniture, you can put a stand or tray for insulation;

● In families with pregnant women and children, it is not recommended to use scented candles.


Reusing candle cups

When the candle is lit, some residue will remain. At this time, the residual wax should also be cleaned up in time to avoid the residual wax hardening again after a long time.

When many people buy scented candles, they are drawn to their appearance. In fact, the candle container is actually a great tool for storing small items.

A variety of candle containers are ideal for storing makeup brushes, stationery, accessories, plants, etc. They look great on the table.

I hope that today's story will help you better understand how to use scented candles so that you can better enjoy the joy and beauty they bring to us~

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