Do not follow the trend of buying scented candles, the editor will teach you how to choose

  • November 24, 2022

Good sleep depends on many factors

Bed linen during sleep,

Light and sound, temperature and humidity, color and smell affect the quality of sleep.

For those who are particularly stressed

Soothing aromatherapy helps relieve stress and improve sleep.

So how to buy aromatherapy and how to use it?

Let's take a look at the editor.


Types of aromatherapy

There are many types of aromatherapy

The simplest and hassle-free is all kinds of fireless aromatherapy

Can be used directly in the room

  • Rattan aromatherapy. If you like a strong flavor, put the whole rattan in it, and if you like a mild flavor, put a little less.
  • Aromatherapy based on hard cream. Just open it and put it at home. It's also a sight to behold to select a few aromatherapy boxes with a sense of design and put them at home. (The same goes for scented indoor balls.)
  • Scented candles. Everyone uses it often. I have been using lavender scented candles for a long time. After lighting them, there will be a slight aroma in the room. It smells very comfortable and the whole person is in a relaxed state. Candles should only be lit half an hour before bedtime, not too long, usually two to three times a week, don't forget to extinguish the candles before going to bed, in case the candles light objects in the house after falling asleep. .
  • Essential oils for aromatherapy. Using essential oils is a little more complicated.
  • An easy way is to drop it into a cup of hot water or onto an aromatherapy stove or ceramic or glass aromatherapy lamp. If you are using a humidifier, drop it into the water tank of the humidifier.

    For extended use, aromatherapy essential oils can be added to bathing or massage water to relieve muscle stiffness and relax the body and mind. When used together with aromatherapy essential oils, the plant essence is better integrated into the body. through massage.


    Types of scented candles

    Unlike candles in the traditional sense, scented candles are a type of candle made by hand.

    The shape is saturated, the color is changeable. The natural essential oil of plants contained in it emits a pleasant aroma when burned.

    Actually, good scented candles, like perfumes, also have front, middle, and back notes.

    So what does the word "configure" mean? There are many ways to separate the notes of a fragrance, and I will share with you the most common ones.


    The most typical representative of fruity aromas are citrus notes, citrus, lemon, grapefruit and blood orange are typical.

    Clean and refreshing, it's also a familiar scent because it's used in many cleaning products.

    【Floral fragrance】

    Typical representatives of floral fragrances are jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, lily of the valley and so on. The only caveat is to choose one that doesn't smell so sticky.

    【Scent of grass and wood】

    Various herbs such as lavender, rosemary and mint are categorized as herbal fragrances.


    The melody Chypre is transliterated from Chypre, a typical European melody. Bergamot, moss, leather, etc. are all chypre notes.

    【Oriental fragrance】

    All oriental spices such as musk, amber and patchouli have an oriental scent.

    Having studied the raw materials,

    What should my friends do when buying aromatherapy?


    What should I look for when choosing aromatherapy?

    Take a look

    When shopping for scented candles, the first thing to look at is the appearance of the candle outside the cup.

  • If it is a colored candle, the color will be uneven.
  • For scented candles, parts that come into contact with air will leak oil. Smell it to see if it has any specific smell. If it is, it means that the candle is a defective product.
  • Second news

    Light it up after the ransom and sniff it five minutes later to see if there is any other specific smell other than the original scent.

    While in use, the candles will usually hang on the wall. If it's not serious, it's acceptable, but if more than a third of the candles are hanging on the wall, it means that the quality of the scented candle you bought is not very good.

    Black or thick smoke appears during the ignition process, indicating problems with the quality of the candle.

    Besides, when using, friends, pay attention to the following:

  • It is recommended to use the water vapor method, which is one of the methods with the best aromatherapy effect.
  • Make sure you have water and essential oil in the container, don't just use the oil to burn.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Please pay attention to the temperature of the container when using to avoid burns. When the container is at high temperature, do not add water directly.
  • Based on the principle of using the most miscible 2-3 drops of essential oil each time, the amount depends on the size of the room, 3-4 drops can beadd about 30 square meters, and 6-8 drops can be added about 60 square meters.
  • Good! Babies,

    Do you know how to choose aromatherapy?

    Choose the one that suits you according to these tips

    Our new scented candles are in development

    Stay tuned