The most complete introduction to the history of scented candles

  • November 26, 2022

Scented candles have a fresh and pleasant scent. Unlike candles in the traditional sense, aromatherapy candles are a kind of craft candles, with a rich and colorful appearance and beautiful flowers. The natural plant essential oils they contain emit a pleasant fragrance when burned, which has the functions of beauty care, soothes the nerves, purify the air, eliminate the effect of a specific smell.

Scented candles have become a way to change the taste of life.

Introducing nouns

Scented candles are a more traditional way to fill your home with fragrance. On a quiet night or when you need to create a romantic atmosphere, candles are one of the main decorations. The beating flame and diffused fragrance create a feeling of warmth and relieve the stress and hustle and bustle of life through aroma. It can be placed in any ideal place, be it an office or a residential building. It is one of the popular aromatherapy methods in Europe and America.


The most complete introduction to the history of scented candles

Scented candles In modern life, candles are no longer just an urgent need, they are already an indispensable element of decorating the atmosphere of life. The curls emitted by handmade scented candles are uplifting, in addition, they purify the air and remove bacteria from the air, at the same time, they have also become a catalyst for the joy of life and a navigational light for entrepreneurship and wealth. Scented candles are gradually becoming popular in our country.

For residents of developed countries, candles have become a way to adjust the taste of life. 96% of them think it's very affordable and fashionable to create a relaxing environment at such a low price. Fashionable and warm candles of various shapes are no longer lighting fixtures, but are used for observation and appreciation, changing the home atmosphere, aromatherapy, creating fragrance, etc...

The market for craft candles in China is still empty, there are few competitors, and the market potential is huge.

Candles are divided into jelly, crystal, paraffin, pearl, tea ...

Making a candle is not as difficult as it seems. Many 3D candles are molded, then cut and then painted. Create various models by yourself. On the shape of a three-dimensional candle. It can be used immediately after processing by the mold company.

At the same time, in today's pursuit of individuality, fashion and uniqueness, DIY is becoming popular. If you open a trendy self-service candle store and let customers make their own candles, wouldn't that make new things more popular? fresh? In addition, the pleasure of making is emphasized: when guests make beautiful candles, they will carefully appreciate them, which naturally emphasizes appreciation.

When the fragrance spreads around the room, the effect will be displayed on the body——

Respiratory: Through the sense of smell, it is transported to every part of the body through the blood. Because the nasal mucosa is acidic, it can absorb substances efficiently.

Pulmonary exchange: After entering the lungs from the respiratory tract, oxygen is transported from the blood vessels to the entire body by alveolar oxygen transport.

Center of the brain: olfactory receptors directly enter the central system of the brain, causing the brain to release hormones, different odors can cause the brain to release different hormones, and the hormones themselves are made up of many chemical components that are transferred to various parts of the cells of the body to achieve therapeutic effectiveness.

In terms of "therapeutic" effects, different scented candles emit different scents, which will also affect the body differently, such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, etc., because sweetness is the main note in the taste, Helps relieve depression. As for the fragrance of flowers such as jasmine, rose, lily and chrysanthemum, they all have an aphrodisiac effect that caneliminate unhappiness in the heart and speed up blood circulation. And some plants, such as lavender, tea tree, and cypress, can be therapeutic, soothing to the body and mind, and antibacterial.

Market development prospects

In the traditional sense, the reasons for using candles are related to religious, cultural, vital needs and other reasons. Global consumer demand for candle products has been stable for a long time and has a certain upward trend. But in the 21st century, the candle market is slowly changing! The author also talks about the perspectives of the scented candle wholesale market based on years of experience in the wax art industry.

As mentioned above, candles are traditionally used for religious, cultural and domestic purposes. At the moment, candles purchased from a retail network are not intended for traditional use. Modern candles are more advanced towards scented candles and wax art. The following author will take you through a real case of the successful transformation of an offline manufacturer of traditional candles such as aromatherapy candles:

This is a professional candle maker. In the early years, he produced traditional candles, mainly for domestic and retail sales, and can be considered an everyday fortune. However, since China's accession to the WTO in 2002, competition in the market has become increasingly fierce, and the performance has also been declining day by day. In fact, friends who understand marketing will definitely say that this is not very normal. From the growth stage to the maturity stage, the company at that time entered a period of decline. At this time, either transform into a new product, or quickly take the money and leave. At first, the boss thought that after so many years he would earn enough to return home to the old people, but he could not bear to see that the employees who had worked with him for many years were about to lose their jobs, so he decided to think about transformation. But it's not so easy to want to change. After much fruitless deliberation, he found a new way!

It's not exactly a new road, it's a scene I encountered while traveling abroad: the boss's child was studying abroad, and on Christmas Eve the boss and his wife flew to the US to visit their daughter. When I saw the wax shop on the shopping street, the boss entered the shop out of the curiosity of his peers. This is not surprising, the decoration and design of the store is very exquisite, and the difference from ordinary traditional candles is that these candles can still smell like flowers after being lit. And the price is even more stunning, a candle that looks just like your candle except for the color can be sold for thirty dollars! It's equivalent to RMB, but it's a sky-high 100 RMB candle! Is anyone buying this too? The boss continued to consult with the owner and found out that it was the most popular aro at the time.matic candle in the United States. Many white-collar workers and the industry elite spend money to buy these candles. And many people in the hotel, restaurant and wedding industry bought goods in bulk to create the atmosphere of the stage, and the restaurants that could light such candles at that time, almost all asked for a lot of money! A candle factory owner who has been in the industry for many years found a business opportunity with years of business sense: A scented candle that is not difficult to make can be sold at a high price, why can't we do it? For this reason, the boss bought all kinds of candles and rushed back to China for research. Finally, he developed candles with the same smell, color and quality, and exported them to Europe and America, opening a new era for the company!

From this case, it is not difficult to see that candles are not just basic necessities in the traditional sense. More reflected elsewhere! For the "new version" of the candle industry, the general development trend will be more life-oriented, which is the so-called ideal state of life. But as of 2013, there are very few large-scale and professional candle manufacturers on the market.

Indeed, for people in developed countries, as mentioned in the previous introduction, scented candles in Europe and the US are already a commonplace in the life of employees, and in China, scented candles are still an empty market. There are almost no competitors, and the market potential is huge!

How to use

Remove the candle from the package, before lighting, cut off the wax core 0.6 cm long, place it in a fireproof container and control the ignition time of the candle within 2-3 hours each time.


Scented candles have various benefits, such as creating a romantic atmosphere. However, scented candles are not suitable for use on a dinner table because the scent of the candle will overpower the food; you should avoid using scented candles with different scents in the same place at the same time, if they are mixed with other scents, this can create strange combinations of scents, so it is recommended to use one scent in the same room and then use another scent after airing .

When to use

Use scented candles in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, therapy rooms, and more. We carefully create a soothing, warm, and romantic, elegant fragrance space for you. Housewarming gifts, business gifts, birthday gifts, condolences to the sick, anniversaries... The most complete introduction to the history of scented candles Use your time

Scented Candles As for the use time of scented candles, under normal circumstances, the use time of fragrance is about 50 hours, but it is also slightly affected by environmental factors. It is recommended to stop burning the candle every 2-3 hours of burning and to ensure air circulation in the room. in The most complete introduction to the history of scented candles Precautions

Scented candles Lighted candles should be stored in a fireproof container out of the reach of children. The container with the burning candle will be hot, so it must be extinguished and cooled before being moved. To avoid fire, use it in the presence of people. Please avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing, and keep out of the reach of pets and children. If the liquid accidentally gets into the eyes or is swallowed, please rinse or drink plenty of water in time and consult a doctor immediately. This product is not a toy and is intended for adults only.

Various effects

ROSEMARY ROSEMARY can uplift the spirit and improve memory, which is one of the reasons why rosemary is so popular, and it can also help you think. In Europe, it is also a small folk remedy for headaches and migraines. Note: Avoid use by hypertensive patients and pregnant women. Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Eucalyptus is a natural remedy for colds and can also prevent rhinitis. Note: Avoid use in patients with hypertension and epilepsy. Chamomile Chamomile can make the body and mind extremely calm. It has a calming effect on frightened people, babies and children. It is very suitable for pregnant women and babies to use herbal candles.

The most complete introduction to the history of scented candles

Frankincense Scented Candle FRANKINSENCE In the civilizations of the Middle East and North Africa, frankincense is an essential oil preferred by various religions. In Egypt, Islam and Christianity there are allusions to the initiation of gods and the exorcism of evil spirits. The Egyptians even use it to slow down aging. On the face, the Chinese treat lymph. The aroma of milk can clear the lungs, relieve shortness of breath, benefit asthmatics, and also has the effect of treating the common cold and reducing phlegm. · Rose ROSE has an anti-depressant and calming effect, can soothe emotions, relieve potential stress and release a hormone that makes people happy. In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory, choleretic, diuretic and hemostatic effects. Caution: Avoid use by pregnant women. Lavender LAVENDER has calming, soothing and balancing functions, can bring tension back to a calm state, help to fall asleep and relieve headaches. In addition, lavender is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antidote that can be used for colds, coughs and bronchitis, it is also quite effective in preventing mosquito bites. Note: Patients with hypotension and pregnant women should avoid its use. Peppermint PEPPERMINT has a cooling, refreshing and clarifying effect, especially effective for stomach and digestive discomfort. It is also very useful for respiratory problems such as dry cough, sinus congestion, asthma, bronchitis, etc., and can prevent colds. Caution: Avoid use by pregnant women. The fresh aroma of Lemon LEMON can help restore energy and maintain mental clarity. Restoring the activity of red blood cells, strengthening immunity, helping to fight infectious diseases are the most characteristic therapeutic effects of lemon. Refreshing aroma helps to refresh and maintain mental clarity. Lily relieves fever and anxiety, nourishes the lungs and relieves coughs, calms the nerves and relaxes the mind. The sea breeze collects seaweed and sea stones, creating an ocean atmosphere. The functions of orange make people fresh and cheerful, increase the desire to communicate, help shrink pores and replenish water supplies.

Home use

Material preparation:

1. Beeswax (BeeWax) 150g (sold in specialized stores)

2. What is your favorite aromatic essential oil? (10~30 drops)

3. Modeling mold or paper box, small paper cup

4. Saucepan, lamp core (slightly thicker than cotton thread), chopsticks, duct tape for heating water

Production process:

1. Place the beeswax in a heat resistant container and heat it over water. If you want your candle to have some color, you can add some crayon shavings to color it at this stage.

2. Fix the lamp core on the bottom of the modspruce, box or paper cup with duct tape, then straighten the lamp core, wrap the other end of the lamp core around the chopsticks, and place the chopsticks into the paper box. or paper cup

3. Slowly pour the melted beeswax into the model, paper box, or paper cup. When the surrounding area turns a thin white, add 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil.