How to choose scented candles

How to choose scented candles

The use of scented candles in the living room has become a new way for modern and fashionable families to adjust the taste of life. How to choose scented candles? Today PChouse will explain to you.

Firstly, it is different in different rooms

The size of the room will affect the concentration of the fragrance. If the room is larger, you may want to choose a candle with a larger candle surface or with more stubs, because as the candle burns, more candle tears are melted onto the candle. surface, the less fragrance it emits. will be thicker. On the contrary, if the room is small, you can choose a candle with a relatively small area. Too strong a smell will also cause people to feel a lack of oxygen. If necessary, open the window a little to ventilate.

Second, avoid mixing

When choosing candles, first of all, do not use regular and scented candles at the same time, and also do not allow several scented candles to be used at the same time.

Again, avoid the smell of smoke

While modern scented candles are made by traditional manufacturers, they usually use vegetable wax, such as soy candles. Compared with traditional paraffin wax, vegetable wax is more healthy and environmentally friendly, does not emit smoke when burned, and has a fragrant smell that is beneficial to the human body.

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