How to use aromatherapy, you will learn after reading

  • November 24, 2022

How to use aromatherapy, we need to understand what is aromatherapy and what are its effects?

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a product that gives us fragrance. The aromatherapy products currently on the market are: aromatherapy apparatus, aromatherapy stones, fireless aromatherapy, aromatherapy candles, etc. The reason why these products can bring us fragrance is because they can diffuse essential oils aromatherapy into our living space through intermediaries.

How to use aromatherapy, you will learn after reading

Effectiveness of aromatherapy

The scent of these essential oils permeates our space, creating an aromatherapy effect.

Chrysanthemum contains borneol, chrysanthemum and other substances. When inhaled, it can improve symptoms such as headache and blurred vision, and is also very effective for high blood pressure. The fragrance of jasmine can effectively relieve nasal congestion, dizziness and other discomforts; Eugenol fragrance contains eugenol oil, which is 5 times more bactericidal than carbolic acid. It can purify the air, refresh the mind, and relieve toothache. When you feel irritable and depressed, you can also smell the fragrance. lilies and tulips, this type of floral scent can reduce irritability and is a good prescription for an adjuvant treatment for anxiety and depression.

Using the essential oils of different plants for aromatherapy will have different effects. The main effects of aromatherapy include improving mood, improving sleep, increasing concentration, and calming the mood.

How to use aromatherapy, you will learn after reading

How to use aromatherapy

  1. Choose the right aromatherapy product according to your space.

As we said before, no matter what the aromatherapy products are, they diffuse the essential oils of aromatherapy into our air through intermediaries to enhance or weaken the fragrance of our space. Various aromatherapy products can be selected to suit different environments.

Large commercial spaces may use aromatherapy machines that use supercritical fluid atomization technology to disperse nano-micron sized essential oils into the air with stronger penetration and longer lasting effects.

How to use aromatherapy, you will learn after reading

Aromatherapy Without Fire: Use rattan, dried flowers, and other means to diffuse essential oils for aromatherapy. This type of aromatherapy is exquisite and beautiful, has a strong decoration, and the effect of adding fragrance is relatively long-lasting. You can choose this type of aromatherapy in your room.

Aromatherapy candles and aroma stones contain essential oils for aromatherapy to achieve the effect of space aromatherapy, and can also be used in small spaces.

How to use aromatherapy, you will learn after reading

2. Choose the type of fragrance according to your preference and aromatherapy effect

After choosing aromatherapy products, we need to understand what type of aromatherapy to choose.

Essential oils for aromatherapy are extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of plants. A combination of essential oils from different plants will have different scents as well as different effects and benefits. You can use them according to your preference. 3. Aromatherapy effect Choose the type of aromatherapy that suits you.