What are scented candles used for?

  • October 28, 2022

Every day I drag my tired body home

Light the scented candle

A little peace and solace

Or early morning on a rainy weekend

Light the scented candle

Calming the brain with "smell"

The flame dances in a quiet place

smells good

What could be better than this?

What are scented candles used for?

Of course, besides the smell of scented candles, there are many other effects that you don't know about. Come and find out~

What are scented candles used for?

Soothing emotions and increasing happiness

Compared to perfume, aromatherapy heats up much more slowly. The scent of scented candles is not as strong as blowing on the face, but the silent Buddha that moisturizes things. Light a scented candle and let the wax wick wiggle freely and slightly. The frequency of this wiggle can calm the brain, that is, give people a sense of peace of mind. People feel at ease, and it is easy to produce a feeling of happiness.

What are scented candles used for?

In the first chapter of HYGGE Why Danes Are Happy, it says: When Danes were asked what makes them feel HYGGE (Scandinavian happiness), over 85% of them answered "The mentioned candles." The reason why candles can increase happiness levels is probably because it's an "atmospheric scent".

What are scented candles used for?

"Friends," Monica gave Chandler Amway a set of techniques to soothe and relax, as well as light some scented candles, take a bubble bath, and listen to soothing music.

Create a romantic atmosphere, happiness UP

Girls in love have little to no resistance to romantic candlelit dinners, and if the flickering candlelight can still emit fragrance, it will quickly rekindle your romance.

What are scented candles used for?

Scented candles are also a symbol of romance. Whether you're on a date, watching a movie at home, or having a candlelit dinner, light a few candles to make it easier to speak your mind in a romantic setting.

When the hero and heroine of "Descendants of the Sun" had their first date, even though they had the simplest dinner at home, the heroine took the initiative to light a scented candle that flickered and gave off a pleasant scent. In a heartbreaking moment of absent-mindedness, romance comes as promised. The atmosphere is immediately different and words of love can be easier to say. (Although CP unfortunately disbanded, they used to be really cute)

In Sex and the City, which Xiaotong cleaned N times, scented candles are also everywhere. Carrie would light a scented candle as she peed at night or before bed to mark the official start.

Mr. Big and Carrie, who have been in love for many years, also decided to get married in an atmosphere of scented candles and champagne.

What are scented candles used for?

Familiar smell, break unfamiliar surroundings

The feeling of dependency and familiarity is conveyed through the fragrance. For example, the smell of a dish makes you homesick.

The same applies to scented candles. If you travel or travel frequently, take a light scented candle with you in your suitcase and light one in the room where you are staying. In addition to improving the indoor smell, light, temperature, and candle smell, it also helps me find my familiar feeling in an unfamiliar room.

Each scented candle has its own unique scent. Different scents create different moods.

Scented candles

Lime basil, blackberry and laurel, citrus aroma

You can choose from three types of plants and flowers

The listed spices and fragrant white thyme give the lime a wonderful note, reminiscent of the Caribbean breeze, a modern classic.

With a refreshing sweet citrus scent combined with refreshing green herbs, you feel like you are in a summer green meadow.

The aroma of fragrant plum and laurel will immerse you in the aroma of the Beijing Botanical Garden. Combine floral and fruity scents, return to the garden and return to nature and let yourself go in the scent of nature.

A favorite aromatherapy that can improve the quality of life without even knowing it and bring about an ever-present happy mood. Offices, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. are all waiting to be filled with fragrance, what are you waiting for? Let's smell together! Let's be red dust companions and live sweetly~