For a delicate person like me, I can certainly use scented candles to the limit just fine.

  • November 24, 2022

The annual hibernation season has arrived again. Whatever the reason for snuggling into your cozy nest—a recent snowfall, a sudden change in temperature, an early night, or depressing headlines—there is little that compares to warmth. Soothe your body and mind suffering from the winter blues like a candle.

When the flickering light of a small candle melts the top layer of wax, forming a smooth liquid surface, the fragrance is quietly released...

For a delicate person like me, I can certainly use scented candles to the limit just fine.

According to various specifications, the use time for a single scented candle ranges from more than ten hours to tens of hours.

However, if you're craving the alluring scent of fire or the soft, sleepy note of fresh violets, lighting a scented candle takes more than lighting a match. That's it - it's a subtle art of materials, time and method.

There are many details to pay attention to when using scented candles: if you don't take proper care of the candles, the wick can tilt to one side, burning glass instead of wax; your dinner is a party, too short burn time, uneven heating of the candle and a sunken funnel in the center - what you definitely do not need.

For a delicate person like me, I can certainly use scented candles to the limit just fine.

This is not a scented candle, but the pitting caused by mishandling the scented candle looks like one.

From the importance of keeping the lids closed to choosing the perfect scent for every room in your home, here we share simple guidelines for using scented candles.

1. Restore first and then click

Wick length is a delicate variable. Too long or too short a wick can quickly shorten the life of your candle. Especially for large candles, they have a larger wax bath surface and a wider range of wick deflection. At this time, proper wick trimming will ensure that the candle burns more directly.

For a delicate person like me, I can certainly use scented candles to the limit just fine.

Cut the wick

Whenever you use a scented candle, you must trim the wick before lighting it. Most often they say that the wick should be cut to about 6mm, but in the experience of the author, a length of about 8mm is more suitable. Too short a wick will be flooded with molten tears, causing the candle to go out.

You can use special candle wick scissors, but small scissors you keep in your desk drawer will do just fine.

2. Consider the environment when choosing

When you receive a beautiful candle, it's often hard to resist the urge to light it right away.

But sometimes a little restraint is needed. Scented candles, for example, shouldn't be lit at the table - unless you're going to spend your entire meal in one fragrance, it's inappropriate to do so at mealtimes. Candlelight dinners are fine, but you should only use unscented candles or tealights.

For a delicate person like me, I can certainly use scented candles to the limit just fine.

You read that right, it's a meat-scented scented candle... Where can I light it?

Using more masculine notes like wood, leather and cashmere can make a living room feel more inviting. "It's a calmer, raw scent."

Smell requirements for both bathrooms and offices require calm, clean breathing, clean and cheerful smells. The aroma of peppermint is one of the typical ones.

The bedroom, on the other hand, calls for softer notes like iris and orris root, while violet lends itself to a more feminine setting. The white floral accord sends an alluring signal to the hallway, but in fact this soft fragrance is beautiful wherever it is.

3. Don't make the candles too thick.

Although candles can be used in combination to create a more personal scent (e.g. apple + cinnamon for apple pie),

But too much fragrance can be confusing.

Not to mention waves aren't romantic... the nose should be uncomfortable

4. Guaranteed burn time

In general, when you light a candle, especially the first time you light that candle, you want it to stay burning for at least two hours, depending on the size of the candle. This is usually marked on a candle.

A freshly lit candle melts only a small circle, and after a while, after the heating becomes uniform, the circle will expand and cover the entire glass.

Big candles with multiple wicks too

The key is that you allow the entire top layer of the candle to melt completely before extinguishing the candle. This means that the entire surface of the candle will be used up evenly so that there is no burnt crater in the middle.

The crater will sink deeper and deeper until it becomes a big hole and your fuse sinks into it and never comes out again.

5. Gently extinguish the candle

Splashes of wax and twisted wicks are not uncommon as a result of vigorously blowing out candles.

Candle scissors will neatly "cut" these problems, but it is more recommended to carefully blow out the wick and immediately cover the extinguished candle with a cap.

There are many styles with lids that are also very pretty

If you blow out the candles before bed and there is no shelter, it is very bad that the room suddenly smells of smoke.

At the same time, putting on the lid will also prevent dust and dirt from getting into the candle, further ensuring that you can enjoy those long and enjoyable moments with your favorite candle.

6. Do not mask the smell with aromatherapy

While there are air fresheners and products that claim to eliminate odors, the best way to get rid of them is to find out the cause or increase ventilation. Things can get complicated if you just hide it.

Also, masking the odor with fragrance can result in a more pungent odor. For example, the smell of a dog + the smell of an orange are as follows. (Sometimes vanilla flavor can mask the smell, but it should be used over a large area after careful experimentation)

7. Safety Considerations

The most important thing! Be sure to keep candles away from pets and children, and be careful with clothing and hair when using them yourself. Make sure someone is around when you use the candles and make sure the candles are out when you leave.

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