The production process of expensive scented candles is waiting for you!

  • November 24, 2022

Today I will show you a master class on making scented candles. Many people like to use scented candles at home to increase their level of happiness in life. The small orange flame gives off a warm glow, and the air is filled with a soothing fragrance. In the afternoon, light a scented candle, this is the best rest. But people who used scented candles should have a problem. No matter how expensive the candle you buy or how much you like it, it will never burn through the smooth and beautiful candle pool, and the life of the candle is very short.

The high price of Joss Sticks is always prohibitive and people are reluctant to buy them in large quantities. So, today we will combine the elements of wine glasses with scented candles to teach you how to make expensive champagne candles!

Prepare materials
  • A glass of champagne or wine
  • Wax blocks
  • Candle dye
  • Candle melting pot
  • Wick
  • Essential oils
  • Wooden spoon
  • Shortcut
  • Punch
  • Ribbon
  • melting wax

    Take a 1/4 box size cube of gel wax and place it in the smelter over medium heat. When the wax block starts to look liquid, lower the heat and continue heating until it melts.

    The production process of expensive scented candles is waiting for you!Prepare the wick

    While the wax block is melting, you can prepare the wick. Glue the metal base onto the wick rope, place it in the center of the prepared wine glass and secure, and wait for the wax oil treatment to finish.

    The production process of expensive scented candles is waiting for you!

    TIP: For ease of production, you can use a wick holder to make it easier to place the wick. Insert the wick through the wick holder into the glass and secure the holder over the glass (as shown).

    The production process of expensive scented candles is waiting for you!paint

    Different candle colors can be defined to match different wine glass styles. Add a small amount of wine red dye to a red wine glass and a small amount of gold dye to a champagne glass. Of course, if you are interested, you can also choose more colored fuels for mixing cocktail style scented candles!

    Add the dye to the melted wax oil in small batches a few times, mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon and continue to heat to prepare a candle of the appropriate color.

    essential oils

    Choose essential oils according to your preference. Add the appropriate amount of essential oil to the dye-added wax oil, and the specific amount depends on personal needs and preferences.

    Pour out

    After the essential oils, dyes and wax oils are completely mixed, turn off the heat. Pour the wax oil into the wine glass where the wick is located.

    TIP. If you don't have a wick holder, you can use a ballpoint pen instead. The specific operation is shown in the figure.

    Trim the wick

    Let the candle dry for 4 hours, trim the wick after the wax has hardened.

    Continue hovering

    Before using, place the candle in a cool place to dry for 72 hours!