Some knowledge about aromatherapy

  • November 24, 2022

Some knowledge about aromatherapySome knowledge about aromatherapy

The front says: In my opinion, it does not matter what is good and what is bad. There is no convenience fire, and there are reasons why it cannot be replaced if it needs to be lit. At night, when I'm alone, I just need light, the temperature of a candle and the feeling of jumping are indispensable in today's electric light and the company of people.

Let's write about flameless aromatherapy and scented candles together. From smallest to largest, let's get started.

Scented candle

As the name suggests, this is a candle.

There are many types of materials for candles:

1. Paraffin: It releases toxic chemicals and a lot of black smoke is not as good as big name candles. If the extraction is good, it's also very good for dispersing the scent.

2. Soy wax: mainly scented candles, non-toxic, renewable energy, no black smoke, slow burning, low temperature, not easy to burn

3. Coconut wax: palm extract, after burning it seems that the remaining oil can be applied to the body

4. Beeswax: mainly used in cosmetics

Just a note:

1. Don't use it when no one is around and keep it on all night

2. Do not put it near flammable and explosive objects

How to disable:

You can buy a trio of candle extinguishers that will help put out candles, reducing smoke and burning smell. You can press the wick into the melted wax oil and then stand it upright, subtracting over time the "mushroom head" formed by the burnt wick. Or turn off directly with a lid if there is a lid... lazy ones do not hesitate.

Aromatherapy without fire

As the name suggests, there is no fire, that is, it does not need to be ignited, and the fragrance is formed by natural volatilization. Commonly use rattan, straw rope, cotton rope, etc., to absorb the liquid, most of which are essential oils, pure natural and non-polluting, and then let the liquid evaporate on its own. A good fire-free aromatherapy can also play a role in purifying the environment, releasing fresh air molecules, and the like.

Actually, it's quite common, and now many small boutiques on the roadside will sell it, but some of the smells are not flattering, and the smell makes your head hurt.

Use time

As a rule, 5 rattans are inserted into 30 ml, and it will be used up in half a month. Don't put it in a completely enclosed space, it will suffocate... If the toilet has an exhaust fan, it's okay. Citrus fruits have always been everyone's favorite, but personally I still like the warmer and sweeter taste.