How to choose the right aromatherapy in three ways to make your home cozier and more sophisticated

  • November 24, 2022

For many friends, although aromatherapy is not a life necessity, it is a sharp tool to make their life more refined, enjoyable and can improve the home atmosphere, but choosing the right aromatherapy is a prerequisite.

How to choose the right aromatherapy in three ways to make your home cozier and more sophisticated

A tastefully decorated living room, if combined with aromatherapy, will also show more of its own charm. In a pleasant aroma, life will be more refined. However, there are different aromatherapies on the market, with different preferences and different needs. The selected aromatherapy is naturally different, let's see how to choose aromatherapy!

First, look at the type

There are many types of aromatherapy on the market, but in general, there are two types of aromatherapy without fire and aromatherapy with fire. They emit fragrance in different ways and adapt to different conditions.

(1) Aromatherapy without fire

Aromatherapy without fire is usually based on evaporation to enhance the aroma in the room. The smell is generally light and pleasant, and the use time is relatively long. Fireless aromatherapy usually includes rattan aromatherapy, aromatherapy lamps, and aromatherapy machines.

How to choose the right aromatherapy in three ways to make your home cozier and more sophisticated

①Rattan Aromatherapy

It is usually composed of an aromatherapy container, the volatiles of the aromatherapy essential oil stock solution and rattan. The moisture absorption, oil absorption and volatility of rattan are very good. The essential oil is absorbed into the rattan and then distributed in the air. , can effectively maintain indoor fresh air.

The rate at which the fragrance spreads can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the number of rattans. For a small area, you can use 2-3. For a large area, you can add a few pieces. After the aromatherapy solution has evaporated, it can also be filled in. It is relatively environmentally friendly, and some will add rattan flowers to increase the aromatherapy decoration and show more warmth.

How to choose the right aromatherapy in three ways to make your home cozier and more sophisticated

②Aromatherapy lamp

It is generally a detachable structure, put water and aromatherapy essential oil stock solution into the container, the light is bright and at the same time it is also heated, so that the aromatherapy essential oil quickly evaporates into the air. when it heats up and fills the air with a pleasant aroma Fragrant, with a little light, it is still very emotional.

How to choose the right aromatherapy in three ways to make your home cozier and more sophisticated

③Aroma diffuser

Usually it is also equipped with a power supply, mainly using ultrasonic oscillatory equipment to generate high-frequency vibration, spray water into the cavity and aromatherapy essential oils, and distribute them in the air to achieve the purpose of aromatherapy, which is similar to traditional aromatherapy. The aromatherapy method actually focuses on humidifying and purifying, it not only fills the room with fragrance, but also improves indoor air quality.

(2) Fire Aromatherapy

This type of aromatherapy must be set on fire before it can be used. The effect is faster than without flame, and the effect is more obvious. It is shorter than without fire, and there is a risk of fire. Aromatherapy by fire mainly includes aromatherapy candles and aromatherapy stoves.

How to choose the right aromatherapy in three ways to make your home cozier and more sophisticated

①Aromatherapy candle

If you add the prepared essence to hot wax, then after cooling you will get a scented candle that can be used immediately after lighting. As a rule, it is very decorative, and the flickering light of the candle and the lingering scent add romance. .

If you are using this type of aromatherapy, after use, it is best to wait until a full and uniform pool of wax forms on the surface of the candle before extinguishing the candle. Do not blow directly with your mouth, otherwise it is easy to form black smoke on the container, which will affect its aesthetics.

How to choose the right aromatherapy in three ways to make your home cozier and more sophisticated

②Aromatherapy burner

Aromatherapy ovens tend to be elegantly shaped and of great value. Typically, incense is released when incense sticks are burned. Nice and elegant artistic concept.

It is still higher in safety than aromatherapy candles. After all, it is not an open flame, but it should be noted that the semi-closed design will not have good heat dissipation effect, so the outer wall may become hot Pay attention to the material of the aromatherapy stove Insulation effect, pay more attention when using to avoid burns.

【Suggestions of choice】

In some areas, such as bedrooms, living rooms and offices, if you need fragrance for a long time, it is best to use fireless aromatherapy. The smell will not be too strong, but it can change the atmosphere of the room. the space is very good. If the indoor air quality is not good, the aromatherapy machine is the best choice, and then you can consider the aromatherapy lamp, if it is in a small space such as a bathroom, you can consider using rattan aromatherapy.

If you are doing yoga, reading a book, making tea or having dinner by candlelight, it is recommended to use fire aromatherapy, which is more emotional. If you like an elegant and romantic atmosphere, candle aromatherapy is recommended. If you like an elegant and zen atmosphere, the Vaporizer is recommended.

Second, look at the flavor

Aromatic notes are related to aromatherapy in the same way that tones are related to music. They are indispensable in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy aromatic notes can be divided into four types: fragrant, fresh, strong and classic. They can be clearly distinguished without smelling. perfume, you can quickly choose the right perfume according to your preferences.

(1) Aroma

①Floral scent

Among all aromatherapy fragrances, this fragrance is the most numerous. Some floral fragrances are rich in a variety of floral scents that reconcile with each other to create a more intense breath; some stand out only one floral, others only foil fragrances, there is also a pure floral scent without the admixture of other spices, which is usually called linear aroma.

The fragrance of a flower fragrance always reminds people of the beauty of flowers, and it is easy to add a romantic and charming atmosphere to the living room.

②Fruit flavor

It is dominated by aromas of all kinds of citrus fruits, as well as many tropical fruits such as peaches, apples, etc., which have a sweet aroma and a specific taste, usually with a floral aroma. aromatherapy shows more inviting scents, and the space also exudes a sweet and joyful feeling.

(2) fresh

①Citrus shade

The spices used in this fragrance usually come frommade from lemon, bergamot, citrus, etc. It has a light sweet and sour taste that is relatively fresh and dry. With a feeling of comfort throughout the body, the spirit is also fuller. .

②Shade of green leaves

The fragrance of this kind of fragrance is based on the scent of green grass emitted from leaves or grass. It is easy to remind people of green nature, bringing freshness to the space and exuding natural and healthy beauty. , is a relatively neutral flavor.


This kind of fragrance is the scent of the ocean followed by a faint scent of the sea. It smells like a damp sea breeze and also has a slight smell of aquatic plants. The smell is moist, fresh and pleasant, and the taste will not be very strong saturated.

(3) Classic Department

①Fouqi Flavor

This fragrance can be compared to a combination of all fragrances. It also contains floral scents such as citrus, lavender, and geranium, as well as moss and woody aromas, and hot spices. And sexy, it gives people a very masculine feeling. In such an environment, it has a magical power to make people think seriously.

②Leather tone

This fragrance is dominated by leather, usually with tobacco, honey and various woody fragrances, with strong original and sexy, which can show the personality and taste of the room owner by smell, sexy and charming coexist. .

③Garcos Moss Chant

This type of fragrance is also called chypre, which in the classical system means heavy taste. Common spices include oakmoss, sandalwood, amber, vetiver, bergamot and patchouli. Its smell is moist, rich in layers and low sweetness, it is a very feminine fragrance. When used in the living room, it will make people feel the stability and maturity of this living room.

(4) Rich

①Gastronomic melody

It is made to match the taste of sweet foods such as caramel, chocolate, cream, vanilla and honey and has a pleasant smell.

②Oriental flavor

This is the most exotic fragrance. It uses oriental woody notes, spices, resins, musk and other animal spices to create an extremely complex combination. The layering is very rich and the aroma is relatively persistent. fragrance is used, it usually evokes warm feelings in people and is very individual.

③Wood Tone

This fragrance is dominated by notes of fir, cedar, sandalwood and amber. It is warm and dry and lasts a long time. Usually through this aroma you can feel the owner of the room. deep and restrained.

【Suggestions of choice】

If you like fresher scents, you can use scented scents in addition to fresh scents. If you like more persistent fragrances, then it is more appropriate to choose rich and classic fragrances.

From the point of view of human personality, sweet fragrances are more suitable for energetic girls, such as fruity or gourmet fragrances, orand neutral scents such as green-leafy and aquatic scents; for elegant and mature women, they may be more inclined towards floral scents. notes, citrus notes or moss notes.

From a space standpoint, it's best not to use strong scented aromatherapy in the bedroom. If the smell is too strong, it will affect people's sleep. The same applies to the bathroom with a small space. and fresh aromatherapy should also be used as a base. Basically, for example, elegant and sweet fruity, floral and watery notes can bring the best feelings.

In places like the office, mature and elegant scents such as woody, oriental and leathery are more suitable, which can make people think more calmly and eliminate distracting thoughts, but no matter what the scent is, the most important thing is to get me Like!

Third, look at the effect

Placing aromatherapy in your home isn't just about making your home look good or smell better. To make a specific choice, it is important to evaluate its effectiveness.

(1) Odor removal

This is the most basic effect of aromatherapy. No matter what kind of aromatherapy it is, it can always suppress the specific smell in the air and make people feel more comfortable in such an environment. Choose yourself.

However, it should be noted that aromatherapy can only suppress odor, not completely eliminate it, so if you want to improve indoor air quality, aromatherapy alone is not enough. Either use an aromatherapy machine, or use some other home air purifier to create a pleasant living environment.

(2) Stable emotions

Some types of aromatherapy also have an emotional stabilizing effect, such as lavender aromatherapy. For friends who often suffer from insomnia, bedside lavender aromatherapy can help ease tension and ease depression, but pay attention to choosing natural remedies. , Incense.

Others such as rosemary, sandalwood, patchouli, etc. also calm the nerves, allowing people to quickly get into a stable mood. Very suitable for use.

In addition, chamomile aromatherapy has a very good calming effect and can reduce psychological stress. For friends who are stressed or easily frightened, it is also a good choice to use this aromatherapy at home.

During menstruation, rose aromatherapy can be used. The fragrance is more elegant, it can balance the restless emotions and effectively alleviate the manic depression caused by menstruation.

(3) update

If you're looking to improve your study or work efficiency, you can also use aromatherapy to refresh your mind. For example, the fresh, fruity scent of lemon can better clear up internal disturbances and invigorate people. Go to work and teachesya without being distracted by thought.

Or peppermint aromatherapy, with its cool fragrance, can effectively soothe anger and restrain fatigue, so that people can work and study with a clearer mind and mobilize their enthusiasm.