Everyone has used candles, but do you know the secrets contained in candles?

  • November 24, 2022

RT, whether you're at home, in a gathering place, or out in the wild, I'm sure everyone used candles. His biggest role is, of course, lighting. You also know the meaning of candles in different occasions. For example, lighting candles at a birthday party creates a warm atmosphere by making a small wish while lighting the lights, while lighting candles at a marriage proposal is more solemn and romantic. Candles are also used in religious ceremonies, repairing objects, etc. In this country, candles are also described as a noble spirit and profession. Li Shangyin once wrote a famous poem, "Spring silkworms will not be bought until they die, and the candles dry up when they turn to ashes." to the candles and praise them Devotion to burn yourself and illuminate others. In recent years, with the rise of the film and TV production Ghost Blowing a Lantern, candles have been given a layer of mystery. So, apart from what we already know, what are the meanings of candle color, flame color, and candle shape? Next, I will introduce you to everyone again.

Everyone has used candles, but do you know the secrets contained in candles?

Candle wax color

Understanding the effect of candle color is based on color therapy. Color therapy refers to the meanings and feelings associated with certain colors in a person's mind. There are different ways to look at the meaning of candle colors and what colors to use.

One idea is to associate a color with a day of the week and then use candle paint associated with that day's color. Another look is to attract something into your life or for therapeutic purposes by looking at the color of the candle. Researchers recommend using candles of a certain color for various diseases. For example, purple candles for allergies, pink candles for anxiety, and so on. However, these values ​​are for some reason. Candle color meaning can be better summarized.

  • White: The value of the white candle is related to the original value of the color itself. Symbolizes purity, peace, truth and the elimination of negative energy.
  • Red: A red candle symbolizes love, passion, relationships, and vitality. Often people light red candles to channel these aspects into their lives.
  • Violet: Often used in witchcraft or ritual practices. Purple symbolizes spiritual awareness, supernatural beliefs, wisdom, peace, and healing.
  • Blue: the color of the sea. Often associated with open communication, loyalty, inspiration and moving forward.
  • Orange: Candles in this color are good for education, stimulation, happiness, energy and strength.
  • Yellow: This vibrant color is associated with mental clarity and fulfillment, to have the confidence to make plans come true.
  • Candle flame color

    The difference between the color of a candle wax and the color of a flame is most easily mistaken for the same thing, but they are very different things. The meaning of candle flame is often associated with candle magic. It is quite extensive to fully understand the different colors of a candle flame, so the basics of this are mentioned below.

  • Colors with a blue tint: blue, purple, and green. Ignite the blue flame when you need peace and protection. Violet flame is a psychic color that is best suited for identifying invisible problems and finding solutions to them. The green flame represents growth. Whether it is the growth of the soul, the growth of work or the growth of the family.
  • Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow have the same meaning. Red represents energy and danger. Light a red flame to ward off negativity. The orange flame symbolizes ambition and positivity. In situations where you feel discouraged, lighting an orange flame is said to increase confidence and mood. The yellow flame is the color of wisdom and truth. Help you learn more about yourself or unleash your creativity.
  • As mentioned earlier, white is the color of purity. The white flame symbolizes pure energy, healing and clarity, similar to the moon and snow. By lighting a white flame, you create a calm and comfortable living space.nstvo.
  • the shape and size of the candle

    Candles come in different shapes and sizes for different purposes. If you're considering buying candles, it's helpful to know which mold shape will suit you best.

    Pillar candles are very common in stores. They are long and do not give off smoke when burned for about 3-4 hours. They are more suitable for indoor use. Liquid candles are not commonly found in stores, but they have incredible burn times. A liquid candle can burn from 8 to 100 hours. They may be more expensive, but they last longer and are worth the money. And light candles for tea. These candles are made small but burn for 2 hours. They are cheap and can be placed around the house for a party effect. These small candles are perfect for accent lighting and ambiance. It is said that this is a special candle for wild animals, and friends who know it can popularize it.