Popularizing the Science of Scented Candles Past and Present

  • November 25, 2022

Candles are no longer just a function of lighting in modern life, but have become an indispensable element for decorating the atmosphere of life that can fill the whole space with fragrance. Today, the editor will share with you the past and present of the science of scented candles.

1. The origin of the name of the scented candle

Scented candles, originally from candere in Latin.

The root word cand means glowing white light, and the suffix "le" means "small".

2. When did scented candles appear?

Aromatherapy has been documented in Egypt as early as 3000 BC.

Popularizing the Science of Scented Candles Past and Present

Excavations of ancient Egyptian paintings show that the first perfumers were probably ancient Egyptian priests. They extracted juices, spices and resins from plants and mixed them with incense and ointments, which were highly valued. People believe that burning incense is a way of dialogue and communication between mortals and gods, so it is most often used in religious ceremonies.

Popularizing the Science of Scented Candles Past and Present

In the later heyday, incense such as jasmine, frankincense, lotus, and so on, were used in daily life. The ancient Greeks used collected mint leaves to scent rooms to freshen the air in the room.

Egyptians and Greeks used wild animal fat to invent candles for royal use as early as 3000 BC. Then, two thousand years ago, Westerners mixed the essential oils of flowers and plants with fat to make scented candles, and this production method has been used ever since.

More and more Chinese believe that "aromas and medicines have the same origin." They combine natural spices with Chinese medicinal materials to create different flavor recipes according to their different effects on the body, and even prevent the plague and so on.

During the Renaissance, with the development of perfumery in France, fragrances began to be widely used.

Popularizing the Science of Scented Candles Past and Present

Now, scented candles can not only play a good role in creating an atmosphere, but the scent of scented candles can also create a feeling of comfort and warmth. For example, they can be placed in everyday living rooms and offices. .

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